GreenThumb – A Casual Game

The world needs more flowers! You can help!

GreenThumb is an original, one-thumb casual game. Touch the screen once to drop water. Seeds that hit the water make flowers. Seeds touching flowers earn more points, so longer chains of flowers boost your score quicker. Choose your drop spot carefully so that all seeds turn into flowers!

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Medical Abbreviations for the iPhone

Save time when confronted with abbreviations in your practice. Medical Abbreviations provides simple, fast and convenient access to more than 14000 medical abbreviations at your fingertips. Easily search the abbreviations and definitions and see the search results as you type. Browse the abbreviations by sliding your finger along the convenient index. Lookup the meanings of abbreviations in Wikipedia and Google.

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DaysFrom Date Calculator

DaysFrom calculates the date for a number of days in the future or past. For example, if your work frequently requires you to know the date 100 days in the future, this application will quickly help you without having to perform the math in your head.

Keep up with multiple timeframes in the future or past by adding as many as you need. DaysFrom always starts with today’s date as the reference date. You can easily change the reference date by tapping that date and picking the new date with the convenient spinning wheels. Once you’ve made your choice, all of your preset timeframes will automatically update.

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