QD Ideas started in 2003 on a living room floor in Durham, NC. Taking the Q from Quinn McHenry and the D from David Kirk, two medically-inclined college buddies came up with the name QD (a medical abbreviation meaning every day) and no shortage of ideas.

Their first idea became Tech-Recipes.com, a popular computer help website with currently about 3,000 articles helping users of various types of technology. Now, in addition to Tech-Recipes, they are writing iPhone apps. Next up? Taking over the world, of course.

Quinn McHenry

Quinn is a code monkey from the era of 300 baud and 8N1. He dabbled in biomedical engineering and neuroscience involving actual monkeys, but has (finally) found his true calling: bending iPhones to his will. His brilliant wife Jennifer is the baker behind the drool-worthy blog Bake or Break (WARNING: do not visit on an empty stomach).

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David Kirk

David (aka Davak) has been a long time net junkie. He first received recognition in the late 90s for the now buried Moan and Groan Page. Computer Life, Internet World, and Information Week all highlighted the pro-consumer site that would influence future power sites like epinions.com. After taking some time off to develop his medical career, Davak is back developing web and iPhone projects in full force.

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About QD ideas

Two college buddies created Tech-Recipes.com in 2003. Now they're writing iPhone apps as the platform for their next project: world domination.

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