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DaysFrom calculates the date for a number of days in the future or past. For example, if your work frequently requires you to know the date 100 days in the future, this application will quickly help you without having to perform the math in your head.

Keep up with multiple timeframes in the future or past by adding as many as you need. DaysFrom always starts with today’s date as the reference date. You can easily change the reference date by tapping that date and picking the new date with the convenient spinning wheels. Once you’ve made your choice, all of your preset timeframes will automatically update.


  • Quickly shows the date and day of week
  • Works with both future and past timeframes
  • Always starts with today’s date
  • Change the reference date from today to any date
  • Create as many timeframes as you need
  • Rearrange the timeframes as you prefer (tap the Edit button and slide the rows up and down by the grips on the right side)

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